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The Sweet Sixteen (Stella Mini's)

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 "The Sweet Sixteen"

Gold Detergent,
Daily Use Toilet Cleaner,
Universal Cleaner,
Leather Cleaner,
Stainless Steel Cleaner,
Limescale Remover,
Cleaner Santizer (Fruity),
Biological Odour Controller.
                     Bathroom Cleaner,                                     To buy click Here
                        Oven Cleaner,
              Glass & Window Cleaner,
                 Apple Toilet Cleaner,
                                   BBQ Cleaner,                                                      
           Citrus Multi Surface Cleaner,
              Anti-Bac Kitchen Cleaner,
             Furniture Cleaner & Polish,

Stella Mini's now available online here.

With all the power of the big ones, But now in our new 100ml Mini range.

These are ideal for: Trips away, Holiday homes, Caravans, Boats, Camping Trips in fact anywhere away from home. The Range contains everything you will need to clean when you’re away.

Add the Mini’s of your choice 5, 10 or 16 use Zone 1 parcels P&P

and the code below.

5 for £15.50 Enter Code "Mini 5"

10 for £27.50 Enter Code "Mini 10"

 16 for £38.30 Enter Code "Mini 16"