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H3N2 Aussie Flu


H3N2 flu strain Known as the

"Killer Aussie Flu",

and the "Lurgy from Down Under"


Britons have been steeling themselves against the dreaded "Aussie flu" as the H3N2 strain responsible for Australia's soaring flu rates spreads to Britain. But it is here and we need to stop it from going walkabout all over our homes.


Make Teepol your first line of defence by using  by using Teepol’s proven germ killers so you can defend your family, friends and home against this invaders 

Teepol’s Alcohol Sanitizer Hand Gel, Medical Sanitizer, Anti–Bac Hand Wash, Anti-Bac Washing Up Liquid, Kitchen Sanitizer are to name just a few to stay safe and help stop the spread of Germs!!

Teepol Helping to Keeping Britain and the World Safe & Clean Since 1938