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Dooleys set of 4

Dooleys set of 4
Dooleys set of 4 Dooleys set of 4
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Get a full set of Dooley's pet care products 4 x 500mls

Dooley's Great Spring Sale.

You will receive one of each of the following in this great offer for £13.55 Delivered UK mainland (Pre-sale price £27.76) giving you a saving of £14.21 thats better than half price.

Dooley's Honey & Coconut Bac Shampoo

Is specially formulated to clean your pet to reduce odour and keep your pet fresh and clean. With a bactericidal formulation that pinpoints the cause of unpleasant pet odours, and rather than just masking them it kills and removes the germs causing them.

Dooley's Apple Disinfectant Cleaner

Foaming hard surface cleaner & disinfectant Mini for all washable surfaces where your pet might go including food preparation areas. Keeps your home safe and clean for both you and your pets.

Dooley's Biological Odour Remover

For most organic sources. Use in Dog waste bins, around any area that has lingering pet odours. Can be used on animal bedding, fabrics and carpets to remove unwanted odours.

Dooley's Universal Cleaner

Removes grease, pet marks, bird lime, muddy paw prints, blood, urine and other stains made by animal scat or droppings and general soiling.

So now is your chance to get your paws on the best all round pet products tested and used by some of the UK's best know Cats and dogs homes.
"Better see" you don't miss out on these great products.

Don't forget to get a Dooley's Car Air freshener to keep your vehicle smelling Dooley fresh Click Here

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